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Final Development Week: Part 2

CSE181A Winter 2011

Progress Report for Week #10 – Part 2 (3/10/2011 to 3/17/2011)

Project Title: Super Spray

As I write this on Thursday night, 3/10, it is our last chance to make improvements to our project before the expo on Friday.  The gun is completely build and working!  Wow what a long process it was.  I thought it was going to go relatively smooth, but I hit some hiccups on the way.  Our RapidTech enclosure for the LCD that hangs off the side of the gun had a design flaw that required us to cut off a corner.  Then I made some stupid mistakes running the LCD’s wires which delayed me and resulted in cutting and soldering and labeling more than I would have liked.  Wire management was overall a pain, it turned into a mess.  On top of that, the pump has wires that come out of it to the accelerometer.   Every time the player pulls the pump, the wires become tight inside the gun, and when they push it back, all of the wires have to have somewhere to go inside the gun.  The wires can’t get snagged on anything or it would be a recipe for disaster.  Enough talking, let these pictures speak for themselves.

I taped the microcontroller down for the first few wires so that it would stay in place.

Crystal added.

When things were neat and organized! Too bad it didn't stay this way. Lot of components in a fairly small space!

The accelerometers are soldered now too. (Top right pins)

Getting a feel for how all the components should go in.

My lower back was killing me because of this position right there. Note to self: use a work bench at the proper height when working for extended hours.

LCD is soldered in as well. (bottom right pins)

Perboard in place to get a feel for how much room I still have left to work with.

Once the LCD was introduced, it added 16 more wires to this mess, and made it difficult to manage.

During the gun building process, Adrian showed some frustration over a bug in the game's code.

A seperate, smaller perfboard was used to manage all of the power. Shown from left to right is a 5v voltage regulator, 3.3v voltage regulator, and a PMOS used to turn on our motors for vibration.

Another progress shot.

This is the LCD case we had printed by RapidTech and designed by Adrian's brother, Alvaro.

We did have a design flaw on our part with this case, we didn't allow for enough room for the wires to pass through. It would have been a simple fix and a reprint, but short on time we were forced to just cut out a portion. It turned out to be not that noticeable as you'll see later.

Drill out the decorative tank for the LCD to pass through.

Drilled through the actual body of the gun.

We hacked off the extra length of the LCD case's wire holder. We weren't sure how stable it would be, but it seemed good enough.

Getting ready to mount to the side.

Different angle.

Mostly everything ready to go in place.

Our smaller perfboard reserved for power. This thing got a lot of use! So many components needed power and ground. While I did piggy back a lot of wires to reduce clutter, there was still a lot going on here.

Near final pic after all wires are connected. Perfboard isn't secured with expanding foam yet.

Microcontroller inserted into the socket!

Final shot before enclosing. The decorative tank's other half has been put on to cover the microcontroller. Wire management is still a little out of control, but I did split-loom the cable that we can use to program the microcontroller. By default it is housed in the real tank in the back.

The 9v battery back is attached using velcro. It seems solid enough to withstand the shaking from the game.

This LED is lit when the bluetooth is connected to the game.

The LCD screen to serve as the player's "HUD"

To avoid burning out our laser, we added a button to turn it off and on in between games. This is nice because you don't have to powerdown the whole system, and in turn disconnect bluetooth.


What the player sees as they look down the side.

And it's done!

And here is a video overview of the gun to give you a better idea of what it looks like and how it feels.

We will be updating our blog again soon with pictures and results from the senior design demo day!


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